Friday, February 15, 2008


Yippee, It's the weekend and a long weekend at that for Sydney. She has her winter break on Monday and Tuesday. We get to sleep in or at least try to sleep in; Grayson may have different plans.

Tonight is the annual Father/Daughter Dance at Sydney's school. It is the first time she has been and she is so excited to be going with her Daddy. She is such a daddy's girl. This is a big dance they hold around Valentine's Day to raise money for the Relay for Life. Chris is not too sure about the whole "dance" thing, due to the fact that he does not "dance". He will slow dance, but that is about it. I'm sure there will be other fathers there not wanting to dance, so they can bond together while the little girls dance and giggle. I have my spies (Renae & Jennifer) who will be taking pictures for me. As a scrapbooker, I must have my photos.

Tomorrow we are going to enjoy a relaxing day at home. Chris is planning on working on his "honey do" list, while I will spend my time cleaning house and playing with the kids. I am hoping to squeeze in a little scrapbooking during nap time. That evening I am making a big ole lasagne to share with our friends Spencer, Rebecca, Alex, and Jordan. After that a fun filled evening of cards is in order. Do we know how to party or what?

Sunday will be church and family time. Hopefully, we will grab a nap before choir practice and church again Sunday evening.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Leave me a comment on what your plans are, I always love hearing about all your fun.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yes, I am still alive.

For those of you that thought I had fallen off the face of the sorry, I am still alive.

Things have been just about crazy around here. We have all been sick with colds. I have been running around like mad trying to get caught up on everything, but still I am behind. It seems I will never be caught up. Oh well!

I did have an awesome time at my Creative Memories Conference. It was so fun being around a bunch of people who love doing the same thing you do. Everyone you meet is your instant long lost best friend. It was a big time chicks weekend and I loved every minute of it.

On the down side, we had to put my dog, Montana, to sleep the Saturday I came home. She was our 6 year old Alaskan Malamute. She was beautiful and I loved her more than she will ever know. I wasn't able to be with her when she went, but my J-Mom was with her so she didn't have to die alone. I made Chris bring her home so I could say goodbye. We buried her in the backyard and I will plant flowers on her this spring for her to enjoy. She would have just laid all over them, so now she can lay under them. I will miss her so much.

I had a crop last Saturday and got lots of pages done. I am working very hard to get caught up with my scrapbooking. I am hoping by the end of the summer to be working in the current. We shall see how that goes.

Grayson seems to find more to get into everyday. He loves to take all the crayons out of Sydney's room and spread them all over the house. He also loves to take the broom out of the kitchen and play with it everywhere. If only he could actually sweep, I would be oh too happy. Now he has discovered how to remove the floor vents. I sure I will find all kinds of things in our heating, balls, crayons, paper, etc. It is never a dull moment with this kid.

Sydney is doing just fine. She is my sweet little angel girl. She is growing up so fast, I just can't stand it.

I must go now to get ready for church tonight and to keep Grayson from coloring on the walls. My fun never ends.

OH, LOST is so juicy. I love it. Can't wait till tomorrow night.