Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

The last few days have been crazy. My grandmother, Dorothy Drew, went to be with Jesus on Thursday night. She was suffering from Alzheimer's and now she is in heaven celebrating with Jesus on his birthday. We will miss her dearly, but I know I will see her again someday.

Saturday, we had our Christmas gathering with the Fant's. We had a very yummy lunch and exchanged gifts. The kids went hog wild, they had the best time.

Sunday, we attended church and then off the Anniston for the funeral of my grandmother. It was wonderful being with all the family. It is just sad it takes a death in the family to get us all together.

Monday, we traveled to Cleveland, TN to have Christmas with my Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle. We ate another incredible lunch and opened presents. My grandmother gave me a beautiful cross on a gold chain. I love it. Then we traveled the 2 hours home to get ready for Santa. We left Santa 7 Layer Cookies, Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls, and Chocolate Milk. Yummy!

Pictured above is Sydney with the goodies for Santa.

We got up this morning and the gift opening began. Chris' parents came over watched all the madness. I made baked homemade cinnamon rolls that my mother made and a egg and sausage casserole that I made. It was all very tasty. Grayson had more fun with the boxes, paper, and Sydney's toys than he did his own toys. Sydney got a Lepster Game System and has been playing with it ever since. I got a Cricut Cutting System for scrapbooking. It is so cool, I just love it. Chris got some seat protectors for his Jeep. Now we are over at my Dad's and J-Mom's having Christmas with them. We went to visit my Grandfather, he is doing well, not sure if he remembers that Grandma is gone.

We have had a wonderful Christmas. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow, Rebecca and I, leave at the crack of dawn for the after Christmas sales...Yippee!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen: 13 things to do in a day without husband and children.

1. Sleep – 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, no crying baby, no "Mommy, I had a nightmare, can I sleep with you?" just sleep…except for the occasional bathroom break.

2. Eat – How nice it would be to have a meal and not feed someone else with my food getting cold.

3. Scrapbook – Pictures, stickers, and paper, oh my…I am all a giddy just thinking about it.

4. Take a bath – How strange it would be to soak in a tub without Barbie’s, cookware, and kids.

5. Go shopping – Just to stroll around and shop at my own leisure, no buggies to push, no children to chase.

6. Read a book – I might actually be able to read a whole paragraph, imagine that.

7. Do a bible study – I would love to have the time to study God’s word everyday (another blog), but as most at home mom’s would agree, we barely have time to bath.

8. Watch TV – Sitting and watch something without having to pause to beat children or turn up the volume to hear over children.

9. Craft with my Creative Team – My Creative Team consist of P-Mom(Mother), J-Mom(Step-Mother), Reynie(Sister), Rebecca(Friend), and Angela(Friend). We would scrapbook, stamp, craft, sew, and decorate ourselves into a frenzy.

10. Reconnect with old friends – I miss spending time with friends. I would love to have time to get together and just chat. I miss you Britton and Lisa.

11. Finish a thought – Enough said…

12. Surf the Internet – Just another activity to enjoy without help.

13. Take a walk – You know, a walk on the beach, a hike in the woods, or even a jog down my street. Just some peace and quiet. Do I even know what that is like anymore?

After all that I would probably miss my family terribly, so bring back to crying, talking, and most of all the hugs and kisses.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thank God this day is over!

What a day I had yesterday. It was one of those, "What was I thinking?" days. I thought staying at home with my kids would be so different. You know…wake up in the morning to beautiful, well behaved children, a well kept and well organized home, the birds singing, everything coming up roses. Well, was I in for a rude awakening? I started off the morning arguing with my daughter over anything and everything she could think of to argue about. That ended with a spanking and tears. Nothing like starting your morning with such drama. After she was dropped off at school, I was TRYING to do laundry, bake cookies and clean house with a whining, drooling; snotty little boy attached to my leg. Needless to say, I didn’t get much done. Then we were off the get his first haircut. He did very good and is so handsome. Then to pick up Sydney from school followed by a haircut followed by dance class. This is where the real fun begins. We arrived at dance class 30 minutes early (a miracle in itself) and walked over to the Piggly Wiggly for a snack. While carrying Grayson I noticed a foul odor and wetness on my hands. Lovely, someone has overflowed a diaper with poo-poo. So off to the van for changing only to discover 3 wipes left and no change of clothes in the bag. Next I changed a diaper to the best of my ability and ran into Family Dollar with a 4-year-old ballerina and half-naked baby boy in the freezing cold. Purchased outfit and wipes and out to van for a final change. Time for dance class and it’s parent’s night to watch. The video camera I brought with me has no batteries left, so back out to van for camera. I chased wild Indian boy and tried to capture pictures of my little dancing princess. After that I met my husband, Chris, to give him the kids, so I could attend a Creative Memories Christmas Gathering. It was so nice talking to other women without children in tow. I was so tired when I got home. This mother thing is the hardest job I have ever had. I think I need a raise.

Monday, December 17, 2007

My First Post

Yippee, my first post. How exciting is this? Ok, I get excited very easily. I thought I would start out by telling you what you are in for. I have no idea…it just depends on what random thoughts I am having on that day or who or what is making me crazy. I can’t promise a post everyday, or even every week. Just check back often and say a prayer for me that I am not in a padded room somewhere in the fetal position. My hope is that this will be my therapy, a way to get out my daily frustrations and gain a little sanity if that is at all possible. I can’t promise it will make sense or even be spelled correctly. My J-Mom (Step-Mom, Janis) will have a fit; she is the proofer in our family and always points out our grammatical errors. I am sorry in advance to her for the pain it will cause her to read this. I also hope this is a way for friends and family to keep tabs on me and what is going on in my life. It is so hard to keep everyone up to date, so this seemed like a good way to do it. This is all my sister, Reynie’s fault. She has a blog, God, do you hear this southern girls rambling, that is so fun. I just had to have one of my own. I really hope you enjoy all the random thoughts and stories that you will no doubt get your fill of. Be sure to post comments so I know you hear me and I don’t feel like I am talking to just my computer. Time for me to go and work on some more laundry…talk to you tomorrow.