Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bood Squishin'

Today I went and had my first mamogram. It was so easy, not at all what I thought it would be. I just went in, laid the ole boob on a metal table thing, got it squished like a pancake, and we were all done. It was strange standing there with your boob in a vise grip, but worth the discomfort to ward off cancer. The worse part was taking the stickers off my nipples. Ouch! So, for those of you putting off getting your boob squished, go and do it.


Reynie said...

A man must have invented the boob squishin' machine.

Angela said...

Oh - I agree... my visit for the mammogram wasn't as nice, but I think it's due to fibroid tumors... OUCH!

Regardless of if it hurts or not, everyone who is "of age" should go. Even my temporary pain while getting one was worth the knowledge there were no signs of cancer. And, I know I sound preachy now, you should do the at home exam often as well!

How's work Stephanie? Are you liking this season of LOST?!