Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: I am not going to share with Gammie!

A few weeks ago we went to my sister's house to make Christmas ornaments and cookies. After putting icing on Grayson's cookie, Gammie asked for a bite. Grayson would stretch his arm out as far away from Gammie as he could get it. He was not about to share his cookie. It was, in his words, MINE! For more details on our fun afternoon click here.


Mom aka Gammie said...

I can't believe that he wouldn't share with his Gammie!!! That was one good cookie for him not to share. I wonder if he thought that if he held it far enough away I wouldn't realize that he had a cookie?

Reynie said...

He was too funny about that cookie. He also wouldn't look at her directly! Can't wait until tomorrow.