Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grayson's 2nd Birthday!

Today is my baby boy's 2nd birthday. Some days I am so surprised he has lived this long, he is such a dare devil. But he is and we love him more today than we did the day he was born.

In honor of his birthday I will share with you the event that happened last night.
First, I always put my hair up in what my mother calls a "topknot".

Sydney then decided that she needed to have her hair put up in a ponytail.

As you can probably imagine, Grayson had to have his up, too.

He is such a goofy little boy.

Below is him on his Big Wheel that he got for his birthday. He has to ride it in the house for now due to rain outside. Say a prayer for my Christmas tree!

Happy Birthday, Grayson, and many more!!!


Reynie said...

Happy B-day Gray! give him kisses from me!! And he looks good in a top knot!!

Mom aka Gammie said...

Grayson's big wheel looks just like the one that Carson had......and terrorized you and Reynie with. Remember those days with your will remind you that when Grayson's driving his big wheels to STAY OUT OF HIS WAY!!!!