Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

The last few days have been crazy. My grandmother, Dorothy Drew, went to be with Jesus on Thursday night. She was suffering from Alzheimer's and now she is in heaven celebrating with Jesus on his birthday. We will miss her dearly, but I know I will see her again someday.

Saturday, we had our Christmas gathering with the Fant's. We had a very yummy lunch and exchanged gifts. The kids went hog wild, they had the best time.

Sunday, we attended church and then off the Anniston for the funeral of my grandmother. It was wonderful being with all the family. It is just sad it takes a death in the family to get us all together.

Monday, we traveled to Cleveland, TN to have Christmas with my Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle. We ate another incredible lunch and opened presents. My grandmother gave me a beautiful cross on a gold chain. I love it. Then we traveled the 2 hours home to get ready for Santa. We left Santa 7 Layer Cookies, Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls, and Chocolate Milk. Yummy!

Pictured above is Sydney with the goodies for Santa.

We got up this morning and the gift opening began. Chris' parents came over watched all the madness. I made baked homemade cinnamon rolls that my mother made and a egg and sausage casserole that I made. It was all very tasty. Grayson had more fun with the boxes, paper, and Sydney's toys than he did his own toys. Sydney got a Lepster Game System and has been playing with it ever since. I got a Cricut Cutting System for scrapbooking. It is so cool, I just love it. Chris got some seat protectors for his Jeep. Now we are over at my Dad's and J-Mom's having Christmas with them. We went to visit my Grandfather, he is doing well, not sure if he remembers that Grandma is gone.

We have had a wonderful Christmas. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow, Rebecca and I, leave at the crack of dawn for the after Christmas sales...Yippee!


Reynie said...

Sorry to hear about J-Moms mother. Please pass my condolences.

Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas though. What is the 7-layer cookie?

Aunt Patty said...

Hi Steph and happy belated happy birthday to you and Chris. I like your blog - you did a nice job. I'm back at Lee for all day faculty meetings (ugh) but typing you on my new laptop that they just installed on my desk - yay! We had a quiet new year with some friends and just ate and watched a 4-hour movie! I'm not ready for school to start - I like sleeping in too much! We had snow yesterday but it's already melted. Sure enjoyed our Christmas with you guys on Christmas eve. Give Chris and kids a big hug from Aunt Patty, Uncle STeve and BEthany. We will be sending Syndney some cool cash for her birthday. Love you all!
Aunt Patty