Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen: 13 things to do in a day without husband and children.

1. Sleep – 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, no crying baby, no "Mommy, I had a nightmare, can I sleep with you?" just sleep…except for the occasional bathroom break.

2. Eat – How nice it would be to have a meal and not feed someone else with my food getting cold.

3. Scrapbook – Pictures, stickers, and paper, oh my…I am all a giddy just thinking about it.

4. Take a bath – How strange it would be to soak in a tub without Barbie’s, cookware, and kids.

5. Go shopping – Just to stroll around and shop at my own leisure, no buggies to push, no children to chase.

6. Read a book – I might actually be able to read a whole paragraph, imagine that.

7. Do a bible study – I would love to have the time to study God’s word everyday (another blog), but as most at home mom’s would agree, we barely have time to bath.

8. Watch TV – Sitting and watch something without having to pause to beat children or turn up the volume to hear over children.

9. Craft with my Creative Team – My Creative Team consist of P-Mom(Mother), J-Mom(Step-Mother), Reynie(Sister), Rebecca(Friend), and Angela(Friend). We would scrapbook, stamp, craft, sew, and decorate ourselves into a frenzy.

10. Reconnect with old friends – I miss spending time with friends. I would love to have time to get together and just chat. I miss you Britton and Lisa.

11. Finish a thought – Enough said…

12. Surf the Internet – Just another activity to enjoy without help.

13. Take a walk – You know, a walk on the beach, a hike in the woods, or even a jog down my street. Just some peace and quiet. Do I even know what that is like anymore?

After all that I would probably miss my family terribly, so bring back to crying, talking, and most of all the hugs and kisses.

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Reynie said...

What about "go potty"? Wouldn't you like to do a #2 without someone bothering you. That's the peace I'm afraid of giving up.