Monday, December 17, 2007

My First Post

Yippee, my first post. How exciting is this? Ok, I get excited very easily. I thought I would start out by telling you what you are in for. I have no idea…it just depends on what random thoughts I am having on that day or who or what is making me crazy. I can’t promise a post everyday, or even every week. Just check back often and say a prayer for me that I am not in a padded room somewhere in the fetal position. My hope is that this will be my therapy, a way to get out my daily frustrations and gain a little sanity if that is at all possible. I can’t promise it will make sense or even be spelled correctly. My J-Mom (Step-Mom, Janis) will have a fit; she is the proofer in our family and always points out our grammatical errors. I am sorry in advance to her for the pain it will cause her to read this. I also hope this is a way for friends and family to keep tabs on me and what is going on in my life. It is so hard to keep everyone up to date, so this seemed like a good way to do it. This is all my sister, Reynie’s fault. She has a blog, God, do you hear this southern girls rambling, that is so fun. I just had to have one of my own. I really hope you enjoy all the random thoughts and stories that you will no doubt get your fill of. Be sure to post comments so I know you hear me and I don’t feel like I am talking to just my computer. Time for me to go and work on some more laundry…talk to you tomorrow.


Steph P said...

You ARE crazy! When will you find tme to add this to your list that's so long?!? Fun, but crazy:) Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. Did you get Elizabeth? Is she coming? Love ya gal! Stephanie

Angela said...

Yep! I agree - ALL Reynie's fault! Seriously it is a great outlet for "Mommy" stuff... I am glad of one place to write it all down so I can pull it back up later and read. I will check back regularly to see what is going on!

Now, I'm off to change a diaper and take EJ to the Dr.! (She has a red rash on her face!)

Hope to see you soon!

Britton said...

Hey girl,

Britton here, how's it going? I love the blog thing, but am always nervous of who might be watching. Does that concern you at all?

Life is great here, just a living and working mom/employee/diaper changer/cooker/cleaner/laundry slave. I know the life you are living.

Love you girl!


Reynie said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! You're gonna love it. It is great therapy! I'm so convinced I will have the world blogging!!!

Stephanie said...

Britton-If my life is that exciting, let them watch. Not worried about it, God is watching over me and that's all I need.
Love you!