Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Workout

Today I discovered a new workout program. It is great because it is not something I would do everyday, just maybe just 2 to 4 times a month. But girlfriend, you can burn more calories than you could consume in a week. Put on your New Balance Shoes and let's get started.
  1. Make a groceries list. I mean a GROCERY LIST. A list of groceries that will last at least a week, but more like two weeks.
  2. Gather your coupons, and mark all the sales.
  3. Have limited money to spend.
  4. This is the most important part to make the workout work...bring a 22 month old boy with you to the store.

Now, you must try to find the best deal and save the most money while trying to keep the boy in the buggy, keep the boy from attacking other shoppers, keep the boy from pulling things off the shelf, keep the boy from running up and down the isles, and keep the boy from throwing every round object throughout the store screaming, "Ball...Ball".

By the time you are finished you will be sweating, breathing heavy, and ready to beat a child. It is so much fun, trust me.

If this sounds like a workout for you, but you don't have the 22 month old boy that you need,I will be more than happy to GIVE you mine.

Wal-Mart will never be the same again.


Reynie said...

Yeah! I'm the first to post a comment on the new blog! I'm glad you are back at it. And as far as the turkey-bird goes, he loves to grocery shop!

Britton said...

Sounds like my life! I am so sympathetic to your 2 year old child issues, I have a 3 year old that won't take NO for an answer and sometimes I'm at my wits end!

Love you girl!


Angela said...

Yeah! Welcome back to BLOGGING insanity! I don't keep up like I used to either, but enjoy reading what Reynie, you and others are up to! I loved seeing yall the other day!