Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My daughter has holes in her ears.

Yesterday Sydney and I had a "mommy and me" day. She has been begging me for weeks now to get her ears pierced. We took Grayson over to Gammie's house. There was no way I was battling him and eye piercing at the same time without drugs, so he stayed and we went.

We went to the mall and our first stop was Claire's. She was very nervous. They only had one girl there, so she had to get one ear done at a time. I was a little nervous then, wondering if she actually do both after the first was done. Below is before the piercing began...smiling and happy.

And during the torture...I mean, piercing.

Finally, we were done. She officially had holes in her ears. I was so proud of her, she was a brave little girl. Here she is below sporting her new earrings.

They were beautiful flower earrings. They were far better than the round silver balls that I had when I got mine pierced for the first time.

So much for her staying a baby forever. My little girl is growing up. Sniff...Sniff.


Dannichris said...
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Dannichris said...

Do you have any idea the pressure you have put me under now!!! Thanks