Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday:Me...on the floor.

Ok, I know it is Wordless Wednesday,but who can just post a picture without talking about it? Not me, that's who. I will show you my picture first, then tell you all about it.

Let me start by saying the picture is sideways. Don't know why...just posted that way. Deal with it.

This picture was taken while at my Creative Memories Showcase this past August. There was a group of 4 consultants rooming together and we thought I would be nice to take a picture of us all together. Elizabeth had this new, cool tripod that was small, lightweight, and you could attach it to anything. She also had a new lense on her camera. This lense was HUGE. She could be standing a foot in front of you and zoom in on your nose hairs or point it over your shoulder and zoom in on Texas. So, as you can imagine the combination of lightweight tripod and a massive camera lense do not mix. She set it up and ran back to sit with us for the picture and over the camera went onto the floor. I didn't want to waste the shot so I leaned over and smiled. And there you have the floor.


Anonymous said...

With you and Reynie their is no such thing as wordless anything!


Reynie said...

too funny. i can see you hitting the floor just to get the picture.