Friday, January 4, 2008

I can't believe she said that!

I can't believe I am going to tell this story, but it is just too funny not to tell. It all started New Year's Eve...I finally started my period after a two year absence due to pregnancy and nursing. Well, the discovery was made with both kids in the bathroom and Sydney (age 4) asking 4000 questions. Little did I know this would later haunt me.
We decided to spend New Year's with my Dad and J-Mom in Alabama, so we loaded up half the house for the overnight party. While visiting in the living room with my father, my daughter says, "Guess what, Paw-Paw? Did you know my mommy was bleeding out of her nu-nu?" I thought I would die. My Dad got up screaming, "TMI, what are you teaching these kids?" My husband, Chris, was sitting at the table trying to eat. He just about choked. I was in the floor crying, I was laughing so hard. I then had to explain to Sydney that we don't tell the general public about that kind of thing. It was just way too funny. I called my friend, Rebecca, to share with her and she said to just be glad she didn't announce it in line at the Hobby Lobby. She is so right.
I am sorry if this is TMI (too much information) for you, but Reynie said this is a story that needed to be on my blog. So blame her!


Angela said...

I... can't... stop... laughing! Oh my is THAT funny!!! I have tears in my eyes, and am so glad you shared - I needed a good laugh today! They do say the funniest things.

Reynie said...

Crazy girl!