Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Little Helping Boy

I have to start by telling you how I do laundry, so you will understand why this is so funny. My washer and dryer are located down stairs in my basement. Our basement is finished and open to the upstairs. We have a baby gate mounted to the wall to keep Grayson from tumbling down. I usually gather all the dirty clothes and throw them down the stairs, then sort them at the bottom in the laundry room. Well, yesterday morning my son wants to help, so he also tosses clothing over the gate. Of course, mine usually hit the bottom of the stairs, but his land on the top step. Still I praise him for all his help.

Yesterday afternoon all the laundry was done. I took the full laundry basket upstairs and started sorting laundry in my bedroom floor. My son decided to "help" again. He started taking pieces of clothing to the gate and tossing them over. Bless his heart, he tries. See below his handy work.

Clothes are not the only things he likes to throw over. We find toys, old toothbrushes, cord to the electric razor, spoons, cups, and sometimes-even food. I am not quite sure what is so fun about throwing things over, but Sydney did it too. She only threw shoes. My children always keep me laughing. Who knows what they will do next? Stay tuned…

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Reynie said...

Make sure you teach him about when to use hot water and cold water when washing as well. That still baffels my husband. "See these honey, they are the water temperture knobs!"