Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things my son did today.

  1. Emptied the bathroom drawer into the garden tub and squealed with delight the whole time.

  2. Helped me with the laundry. When I say "helped" I mean…took the already folded clothes out of the basket and put them back into the dryer. He is such a big helper.

  3. Pooped. Oh, I mean big time. This boy is a pooping machine and his Gammie fed him lots of grapes yesterday. Not pretty coming out and they sure don’t smell good either. Gross!

  4. Threw hangers everywhere. I put them all neatly in the basket to take downstairs to hang up clothes and apparently they made him sick and they had to throw about.
  5. Ate crackers and crumbled them all over the kitchen floor. Thank you, God, for the DustBuster.

  6. Took a nap. Yippee!!!! 1 hour of peace.

  7. Put markers in the VCR.
  8. Aggravated his sister while she was on the toilet. "Mommy, Grayson is trying to flush the toilet while I’m on it" and "Mommy, Grayson is trying to put his hand in the toilet". Will today never end?
  9. Screamed, cried, and pitched a big ole fit for not apparent reason. Boy, was that fun.

  10. Played Barbies with Sydney. That was actually pretty sweet. He played with Ken.

  11. Looked at one of my scrapbooks and talked to it the whole time. Too cute.

  12. Put strange objects in his mouth, like a plastic mushroom. Where did that come from?

  13. Snuggled with Mommy. That’s my little, sweet man no matter what he shoves in the VCR.

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Reynie said...

Great TT! Love it! Sweet ole Grayson likes to get himself in trouble, but what a sweet baby!