Friday, January 25, 2008

Love/Hate Meme

Love/ Hate Meme

I love to eat: tacos and chocolate
I hate to eat: corn beef (What is up with all the little balls on it? Gross!)
I love to go: camping with my family and friends, out to dinner without kids, and shopping when I have the money.
I hate to go: grocery shopping
I love it when: my house is clean and my kids are sweet.
I hate it when: I can't find anything or finish a thought.
I love to see: my husband and kids playing together.
I hate to see: a animal hungry or hurt.
I love to hear: my husband and kids say "I love you!"
I hate to hear: a crying child.

Ok, Reynie here is your meme. Happy now?

1 comment:

Reynie said...

okay, happy now. but what's with the chocolate and tacos? do you put chocolate sauce on the taco? that's gross... :-)