Monday, January 14, 2008

My Crop

First, let me start by making a correction. Rebecca did 18 pages on Thursday night, not 12. Happy now, heifer?

Wow, we had a wonderful time at my crop on Saturday. Seven girls crammed in a basement working on their scrapbooks and listening to 80’s music. It was a blast. I am so proud of the girls they did a great job so I have to brag on their accomplishments.

Jennifer, she is working on her daughters first year album and completed 9 pages. Her daughter is 11, so only 10 more years to go. You go girl!

Renae, she is working on her Jamaica trip from this summer and completed 5 pages. She worked very hard; she had lots of pictures to organize and lots of talking to do. Keep your head high; you will be done in no time.

Rebecca, she is working on her family album and completed 28 pages. Ok, we all secretly hate her; she is working on October 2007 pages and is very organized. She has OCD, but is on medicine and it is not helping. Ha ha! She is my inspiration, so if she can do it so can I.

Rachel, she is also working on her family album and completed 15 pages, then went home and did 13 more for a total of 28 pages. Rebecca, her sister, went over to her house last weekend to help her get her scrapbook stuff organized (a sister with OCD does come in handy). Now Rachel is on a roll. Way to go!

Reynie, she is working on her wedding album and her goal was 5 pages, but she did 10. She works very slowly, she also has OCD and every page has to be just perfect. She was so proud as was I.

Me, I was working on my family and camping album and did 19 pages, then on Sunday did an additional 12 pages making my total 31 pages. I am so far behind, but I am on track now. I worked very hard and will continue to do so. My goal is to be working in the current by the end of the year. Wish me luck!

Last but not least is Sydney. She was working on her first scrapbook album all by herself. She did pictures of her zoo field trip and her birthday party at Justice. She did an awesome job; she was so excited to be scrapbooking with mommy. She walked around and showed everyone her Tinkerbell album. I am such a proud Momma!

I look so forward to crops. It is so nice having a little girl time. So, if you are scrapbooker and want to join us for a Saturday of cropping, eating, laughing, talking and just a general good time, you know where to find me.

Thanks to all the girls that came on Saturday. You guys are the best! A special THANKS to my sweet husband for giving me some time to play. You are the greatest husband in the world, I love you!

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Reynie said...

And my dear sweet niece who didn't know who "that girl" was in the picture... uh, that's Aunt Reynie.